Coveted Financial Celebrates 6 Years of Success

SAINT CHARLES, IL (May 2017)-As Coveted Financial Services heads into its seventh year in business, President and Founder, Joe Priola, and his team celebrate the accomplishments since its inception in March of 2011. When asked to reflect on the past six years, Mr. Priola was quoted as saying, “I had a vision and felt strongly that there was truly a need for our unique services. In our relatively short tenure, we have successfully assisted over 100 business owners by providing financial consulting to meet their unique financial objectives. I feel honored that we have had such a positive impact on so many individuals’ lives. I believe I have successfully hand -picked the very best talent there is and much of my success is to be credited to these outstanding, dedicated bright individuals.”


  • Coveted Financial Services currently has over 30 active client relationships many of which have been with the firm since inception.
  • Those 34 current clients have an impressive aggregate revenue of $788.67 million and debt outstanding of $63.20 million.
  • Coveted Financial assisted an $8 million excavator/construction supply company in placing aggregate credit of $7 million, provided financial consulting, and currently are facilitating the sale of the business.
  • The firm was successful in placing $1.4 million of credit to a plastering company with progress billings.
  • A $55 million nationwide service company engaged the firm to act as the fractional CFO; managing multiple banking relationships in excess of $12 million in credit.
  • A $6 million residential real estate related company saved $1 million when Coveted Financial settled their outstanding commercial credit with a financial institution.

Coveted Financial Services provides unbiased advice and financial expertise to businesses throughout the Greater Chicagoland area.

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