Sale of Business




Clients engage Coveted Financial to facilitate the sale of their business. They want to consult an unbiased trusted advisor to help strategically map out and implement this life event.


    • We identify the client’s financial objectives in selling their business

    • We define goals to reach and amount that the client wishes to obtain for the sale of their company

    • We do a full financial analysis

    • We map out our defined financial approach and action plan to meet that threshold and valuation

    • Once this has been achieved, we prepare a thorough Placement memo which details all aspects of the business

    • The memo includes our proposed structure and minimum amounts that would be acceptable

    • We determine a select number of individuals that have been pre-screened to introduce to our client

    • An Introduction Day is arranged so each potential buyer has the opportunity to meet the Business Owner and tour facility

    • We discuss the pros and cons of each potential buyer

    • Business Owner selects the buyer


    Clients engage Coveted and will pay a monthly set fee. An hourly amount can also be quoted. There is also a “success fee.” This is a percentage of the aggregate amount for which the company is sold. The fees are determined by the scope of the work involved. This is defined in detail in the Coveted Engagement Agreement provided for that specific client and transaction.

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