Financial Advisors a Necessity for Small Business Owners

A savvy business owner knows their personal, and their companies, strengths and weaknesses. They understand where and when it is important to invest time, money, and efforts. Furthermore, they understand that while the upfront cost may seem intimidating, the payoff potential is all worth it. This idea comes into play daily for business owners: Should I purchase a new piece of equipment that will streamline manufacturing, but it is three times the price of the original equipment? Does it make sense to spend time and money to bring the website up to date and generate leads?


Hiring a business financial consultant is similar. Will a financial consultant improve my company’s cash flow and future sale of business potential enough to offset their fee?   The answer is yes. While there may be work and money involved, the result pays dividends daily.


The next logical question then becomes, how do I know which consultant to hire. We’ve compiled a short list of questions we believe are important and will help differentiate the candidates:


  1. How will you offer personalized services?
  2. Is your fee commission based or a flat fee?
  3. Can you help formulate a business succession plan?
  4. What size businesses have you worked with? What sectors are your clients in?
  5. How can you save me time?


Throughout the upcoming blogs, Coveted Financial will address these questions and provide valuable input that will make hiring the right business financial consulting firm easy. In the meantime we encourage you to check out our comprehensive list of services. We think you’ll be surprised at the variety of what we succeed in doing for our clients.


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