“When our bank suggested we look into using Coveted Financial to help us with our cash flow issues, we were skeptical, but decided to meet with Joe Priola to see what he and his team had to offer. With their knowledge and experience in both the banking industry and the business realm, the Coveted team came back with some creative ways to renegotiate new loan terms with our bank, we didn’t even know were possible. Joe, Gary, and Blair were able to confirm to our bank that our business plan was solid, which gave the bank the assurance to not only restructure our existing loan, but also give us the additional capital we needed for a new business opportunity. They have now become trusted advisors in all financial aspects of our business decisions. They are a great asset to our company and well worth the investment!”

Steve and Veronica Berglund

“Thank you Bridget for getting us through difficult times when the bank only saw us as another account and refused to refinance our property. Without your knowledge and expedient help, we probably would have lost the property we owned for many years; and, worse, we probably could have been in financial ruins for a long, long time. Suzie and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Nick and Suzie Lee


“We successfully sold our Small Business with the help of Joe and his Team. Coveted Financial Services handled the business analysis and valuation, identified qualified potential buyers and reviewed contracts. Joe was instrumental in the final negotiations to get the deal done. Business is sold and we couldn’t be happier, living the dream!”

Mike and Lisa Bosch, Former Owners – Specialty Paper Company


“We never would have been able to obtain the excellent terms and overall relationship on our own and without the help of Coveted Financial Services. Further, it allowed us to focus on our business while they focused on their area of expertise, that being, obtaining the best financial relationship to fit our needs.”

Bill Kohl


“The Coveted Financial Services team helped me build a game plan that put my company on a solid path for financial success.”

Frank Laskaris, Cadillac of Naperville


“Coveted Financial gave us the insight we needed as we navigated through some very difficult changes in our banking strategies. Joe Priola’s extensive experience with bank policies and procedures, along with his tenacity, makes Coveted a terrific ally during tough times.”

Lea Ann Larson, Old World Millworks / Timberline Building Enterprises LLC / Vampire Bat Co.


“Sometimes people come into your work life and you just can’t imagine how you were making headway without them on your financial team. Joe is that “someone” to us at KDI Design. He and his team have helped us gain focus and knowledge critical to our sustainable growth. We are extremely happy with the results of our first year’s efforts, and look forward to our firm’s very successful future largely in part due to the guidance and knowledge provided by Coveted Financial.”

Kit DeWitt, KDI DESIGN, Inc.


“I retained the services at Coveted Financial almost 15 months ago, and have been amazed at how much value Joe and his team have brought to me, my estate and my entire family. The unique services Coveted Financial provide have yielded me with advocacy in complex and difficult discussions with Banks, have provided advisory review and guidance on investment issues and have successfully assisted with a variety of other debt-management concerns. While Joe’s strengths lie in credit, cash flow and other financial management areas, he also provides help in many other ways through his extensive network of talented professionals. His arsenal is huge. Anyone who is running a business in this complex environment or who has independent estate resources needs Coveted Financial as an ally.”

Elizabeth Christie, Entrepreneur and retired CEO


“Our small business was at the tail end of an 11 year lawsuit, and a 9 year deteriorating relationship with a small town bank that decided they did not want to wait around and see how the suit finished off. We had just severed a relationship with a financial consultant that spent 9 months attempting to get us conventional financing through their “extensive” network of bank contacts with absolutely no success. We had resigned ourselves to finding an asset based lender, and literally gave Coveted Financial Services a call with low expectations. After an extensive review of the company, finances, and general state of business, Joe and Bridget told us that they felt they could take care of our needs via conventional financing. Long story short, they delivered on everything they promised and with a very quick timetable. Great company and great people that I recommend without reservation.”

Samuel J. Morris, Phoenix Paper Products, Inc.


“Joe and his team at Coveted were the key to successfully finding a great business partner in our new banking relationship. Joe helped us better understand our options in refinancing our loan. He facilitated the evaluation process by connecting us with his industry contacts and driving a very organized RFP process. Joe provided clear analysis which helped make the best fit very obvious, as well as, ensuring we had good options for plan “b” and “c”. Joe also made sure the banks understood the value in our business which translated into a much better cost of money. In summary, Joe got us with the right financing partner at a great rate. There is no way we could have been as successful in placing our debt without Coveted which translated directly into significantly lower financing costs and a secure banking relationship with a great banker.”

Paul Lencioni, Blue Goose Super Market, Inc.