Transaction Relationship




Coveted Financial Services assists business owners in obtaining the very best terms, most competitive rates and overall banking relationship to best meet their needs. Drawing on decades of experience as bankers, the Coveted team provides financial consulting and credit structuring to assure our clients are viewed as “A” quality by the banking industry. We provide a full financial analysis to a carefully selected number of quality bankers to bid on the business. Up against the best of their competition, they know they must offer the most aggressive, attractive deal to win the business. Lastly, to facilitate decision making, we provide a side-by-side comparison of the proposals and the “pro’s and con’s” of each based on the business owner’s priorities and needs.


    We identify the client’s financial objectives
    We do a full financial analysis
    We work collectively with Business Owner, CFO, and all members of the Executive team on creating an action plan
    Once this has been achieved, we prepare a thorough Bank Placement memo which details every aspect of business the lenders want and need to see
    A “Bank Tour Day” is arranged so each banker has the opportunity to meet the Business Owner and tour facility
    Bankers then prepare a bank proposal
    We then prepare a side by side comparison and discuss pros and cons of each deal
    Business Owner selects a bank


A transactional relationship occurs when a client is interested in moving their commercial banking relationship. They have neither the interest, nor the time, nor the expertise to find the best bank, terms and over all banking relationship to meet their needs.

Clients engage Coveted and will pay a monthly set fee. An hourly amount can also be quoted. There is also a “success fee”. This a percentage of the aggregate amount of credit placed with a lender. The fees are determined by the scope of the work involved. This is defined in detail in the Coveted Engagement Agreement provided for that specific client and transaction.

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