What is TSheets and Why Do We Suggest It?

tsheets for small businesses

Does your company use paper timesheets or punch cards? Then TSheets is perfect for you! Has your bookkeeper ever made an error when entering employee time? Then TSheets is great for you, too! Do you have hourly employees that you need to track their location and time? Once again, TSheets can help you too!

TSheets is a time tracking and employee scheduling app that tracks, manages, and reports time. It integrates with a number of payroll and accounting platforms, like QuickBooks, for easy implementation and less errors. Here are just three examples of how TSheets can track your companies time:

1. Time is Money! If you are in a business where you bill your clients for the amount of time worked, it can be time-consuming to constantly be writing down your daily hours. And if you’re like most of us, you may not turn your hours in till the end of the week. Going back and creating a timesheet leaves room for error, a lot of error in fact. It is estimated that when you implement TSheets and charge for every second of actual work, you’ll bill up to 20% more!

2. Easier and faster for your bookkeeper. When your bookkeeper enters payroll hours for your employees, chances are it is a very time-consuming process. Not to mention, a process that has a lot of potential for errors. From misreading a “scribbly timesheet” to a typo while entering hours, manual payroll entry can become burdensome. With TSheets, employee timesheets automatically sync with QuickBooks (and other accounting platforms)…up to the second! This means your internal bookkeeper will have more time for other pertinent projects or your external bookkeeper will be billing you less!

3. Live GPS tracking built in! Build a level of transparency with your employees by knowing where they are throughout the day and how long they have been at a certain location. What if you estimated a job only taking 2 hours but it actually took 4 and your employee didn’t realize you were billing that client by the hour? With TSheets you don’t have to worry about a lapse in communication. Daily reports show when your employee arrived and left certain destinations.

TSheets is also great for tracking overtime, PTO accruals, and so much more. And we haven’t even got into the scheduling aspect of the product…stay tuned for part two of this blog! In the meantime reach out to Coveted to find out how you can implement TSheets into your business and about the great discount we can provide.

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