Is video marketing a part of your 2019 strategy?

Let’s cut to the chase: online marketing is key. Much of the world works, shops, and hangs out online these days, so a strong digital strategy should be an essential component to your marketing plan. 

One increasingly important marketing tool is video. People are using video more and more, which means they’ll expect to see it on your site, in your emails, and social media pages. The good news is that it doesn’t have to expensive or complicated! 

Still think you don’t have what it takes to be successful at video? Not true! Here are a few tips and tricks for incorporating video in your 2019 marketing goals:

  1. Keep it simple. With the rise of smart phones and social media, people are used to seeing low-quality and short videos posted online by their friends and family. While a professional video and script look great for a TV commercial or ad, short videos shot with an iPhone can go a long way today. It’s still valuable to look nice and choose an attractive location but you don’t need to hire a professional videographer to tell a quick story, make an announcement, or explain how something works. Plus, attention spans are short, so shorter videos have much higher completion/watch rates. Specifically, shoot to keep your videos under 90 seconds and you’ll get better results. 
  2. Educate your people. Video is a great opportunity to share and/or show information that is harder to explain over text or still images. Take advantage of the opportunity to cast a passionate vision for your organization or product. Or teach on a topic that may interest or motivate your followers as they consider partnering with your company or purchasing your product. You won’t always have the chance to sit down face-to-face with someone to share personally with your company, but video is your chance to give a compelling and personal message to people you won’t meet otherwise. 
  3. Track your results. According to Forbes, video consumption is linked to increased sales. Plus, it also results in more qualified leads. When used well, your company ends up with customers that are more committed and better educated. Plus, the beauty of digital technology is that we can track responses, engagement, and sales linked directly to the content shared. Take advantage of it! 
  4. Consider HOW people watch. As you prep your videos to go out, think about the best way to reach the most people. Dig into you email and social stats to see when and how people are watching. For example, the middle of the week tends to see better results than Mondays or Fridays, stats show that most Facebook videos are viewed without sound (Digiiday), Chrome tends to be the most-used browser, and most B2B marketing videos are viewed on more desktop browsers than mobile devices. 

We are confident that incorporating video in your 2019 marketing strategy is a great next step for your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Coveted to start a conversation with our marketing team about strengthening your organization’s digital strategy. 

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