Acquisition Planning

Who do you turn to for business acquisitions? Coveted works with business owners, CFOs, controllers, and directors of finance to evaluate mergers and acquisitions. We look at the impact they will have on your current company, your finances, and your personnel.

Do you have the opportunity to grow your company by acquiring a complimentary business? Have you done all the due diligence necessary in the acquisition process? Are you prepared with new processes, personnel training, and a credit relationship for this new business? Coveted is here to help before, during, and after your acquisition! Let us help evaluate the opportunity and set you up for success.

For 10 years, Josh, a home remodeler, has used the same cabinet vendor to supply his cabinetry. Recently the owner of the cabinet shop approached Josh with the opportunity to purchase the business. By enlisting the help of Coveted Financial, Josh was able to rate the risk involved in acquiring a new business and forecast accurate ROI assumptions. They helped Josh look at the entire package, from real estate to personnel, so that he could best predict costs. Coveted also helped him obtain a new banking relationship that understood the needs of his new business venture. Don’t go into an acquisition on the assumed success of the previous owner, let Coveted analyze the opportunity for you and set YOU up for success.

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