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Examples of Service

Examples of Service

We want you to feel confident working with us, so we are constantly updating our media library to better inform you of our services and how we work.

Are your financial reports accurate?

Accurate, readily available financial reports translates to quick decisions when it comes to obtaining business term loans.  Coveted clients benefit from bank-quality underwriting at all times, which means they can obtain financing faster!

"Sarah and Chris operate competitive manufacturing companies.  When the latest operating machinery was announced earlier this year both went to their bank to open a new term loan to finance their purchase.  Chris spent three months gathering statements, preparing reports, and meeting with his banker only to find out he didn’t qualify for the terms he needed. Meanwhile Sarah, a Coveted Financial client, was able to qualify for the loan in just a few short weeks and is in full production.  Coveted Financial helps Sarah to forecast her financing needs and keep her reporting current.  Now Sarah can have the leg up on her competition and increase bottom line earnings. Contact Coveted today to increase your bottom line."

Are you ready to grow your business with an acquisition?

Do you have the opportunity to grow your company by acquiring a complimentary business? Have you done all the due diligence necessary in the acquisition process? Are you prepared with new processes, personnel training, and a credit relationship for this new business?

"For 10 years, Josh, a home remodeler, has used the same cabinet vendor to supply his cabinetry. Recently the owner of the cabinet shop approached Josh with the opportunity to purchase the business. By enlisting the help of Coveted Financial, Josh was able to rate the risk involved in acquiring a new business and forecast accurate ROI assumptions. They helped Josh look at the entire package, from real estate to personnel, so that he could best predict costs. Coveted also helped him obtain a new banking relationship that understood the needs of his new business venture. Don’t go into an acquisition on the assumed success of the previous owner, let Coveted analyze the opportunity for you and set YOU up for success."

Selling your business? Do you know it’s value?

Are you considering selling your business but want to make sure you get top dollar? What changes do you need to implement in order to be the most marketable to potential buyers? How do you know if the purchase offer for your business is good? Coveted Financial’s Mergers & Acquisitions team helps companies “go to market” at their highest potential profit.

“Imagine you’re preparing to sell your home. Your realtor may suggest a new coat of paint, updated landscaping, and some minor remodeling in order to attract the most potential buyers at the highest sales price. Selling your business is no different. Targeted improvements to your business’s financial picture can make a major difference in maximizing value. But what are those changes and how can you make them efficiently? Coveted Financial’s Mergers & Acquisitions Team can expertly guide you through the entire process, from analysis & discovery to implementation and profitable sale. They have in-depth experience across multiple industries that, when combined with their financial expertise, will maximize your company’s market value. Contact Coveted today to attract qualified buyers at a premium sales price!”

Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul? STOP!

Do you feel like you are always playing catch up and that your accounts payable just keep growing?  Coveted Financial helps clients take control of their cash management and avoid high interest loans whenever possible.  Let us help you get out of debt and stay there.

"Meet Mike, an owner of a commercial construction small business. He has gotten into the habit of taking customer payments and using them for things like payroll, health insurance, and rent. Then, when the job is done he can’t afford to pay his subcontractors. Does this sound familiar? Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul? Coveted Financial can stop this cycle for good. By working together, Coveted can give you the tools and education to increase cash flow, better your cash management skills, and wipe you clean of debt. So, don’t open another high interest loan that will only worsen the situation, call Coveted today to fix your cash flow problems once and for all."

How are you going to take your business to the next level?

Are you unsure how to grow your business?  Are you looking for a trusted confidant to provide an unbiased, outside expert opinion?  Coveted Financial provides Fractional CFO Services that give you and your team the guidance and support needed to gain a deeper understanding of your business' finances and where to go from here.

"Acme Landscaping is celebrating five years of business. During this time they have seen tremendous success with increasing profits. Jeff, the owner of Acme, is having a hard time deciding the next steps to help him achieve his strategic goals. Is it time to offer a new product line? Should they acquire a complementary business? While Jeff has good internal accounting, he still is looking for that unbiased, outside expert opinion. Coveted Financial operates as a fractional CFO that can use all those great internal company reports and help Jeff make the best move. They’re the trusted professional with the extensive background he has been looking for without having the added stress of an additional payroll employee. If you’re looking for expert guidance on your business strategy and finances, contact Coveted Financial today."

Do you think you’re out of options?  Is selling your business all that you have left? 

Let Coveted Financial assess your situation and help turn your business around.  We’ll condense debt, increase cash flow, and better your cash management system so that you call sell for a profit, not a loss.

“Diane started her business five years ago and through a succession of bad loans and poor employee behavior, she’s now in a tough spot. Does she sell her business to the highest buyer for pennies on the dollar or can she winter the storm to come out successful in the end? While it’s tempting to leave the mess, she knows there is a market for her product. Coveted Financial wants to see you succeed. Rather than being in it for a quick profit, Coveted is invested in helping you for the long run: condensing debt, increasing cash flow, and bettering your cash management system. So, let’s grow your business together and sell when your stock is up!”